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  Hon'ble Chief Minister Himachal Pradesh

Shri Jai Ram Thakur

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   Hon'ble Education Minister Himachal Pradesh

Shri Govind Singh Thakur

   Secretary(Education) to the Govt. of H.P.

Shri Rajeev Sharma

   Director Elementary Education H.P.

Sh. Shubhkaran Singh

   Dy. Director Elementary Education Distt. Kullu

Sh. Sita Ram Bansal


Regularization Order of Punjabi Teacher, Dispatch No: 27847-48 , Date:-2022-01-13 13:58:02:989

Regularization Orders of Urdu Teacher, Dispatch No: 27742-44 , Date:-2022-01-13 13:56:42:776
Regularization Orders of Shastri, Dispatch No: 27745-64 , Date:-2022-01-13 13:54:44:152
Regularization Orders Of DM, Dispatch No: 27765-74 , Date:-2022-01-13 13:53:02:577
Regularization Orders of LT, Dispatch No: 27775-95 , Date:-2022-01-13 13:49:47:993
Regularization Order of PET, Dispatch No: 27821-46 , Date:-2022-01-13 13:47:24:087
Regarding Fresh recognition / Annual Renewal of Recognition for privately managed schools for the session 2022-23, Dispatch No: special 663 , Date:-2022-01-06 16:33:22:925
Regularzation of c&v teachers who have completed two years service till 30.09.2021, Dispatch No: 22792-23248 , Date:-2022-01-03 15:54:27:793
Office order, Dispatch No: 22288-90 , Date:-2022-01-03 15:45:18:815
CWP No. 6174-2020-titled as Kanta Devi Vs State of Himachal Prdaesh & Others, Dispatch No: 22330-22336 , Date:-2021-12-22 19:37:16:366
CWP NO. 6174/2020 TITLED AS KANTA DEVI VS STATE OF HP AND OTHERS, Dispatch No: 21281-21728 , Date:-2021-12-15 16:46:52:535
Vacancy of LT, Dispatch No: 00000000000 , Date:-2021-12-13 16:46:01:529
Fill up the information in google form regarding Establishment return of all teachers ( TGTs and C&V ) in below link:-, Dispatch No: 05122021 , Date:-2021-12-04 14:32:00:884
Regarding Online District level 29th H.P. Children Science Congress CSC 2021, Dispatch No: 19342-19363 , Date:-2021-12-02 11:52:45:606
Regarding Proposal to shift the vacant posts of Urdu Teachers., Dispatch No: 19021-36 , Date:-2021-11-27 11:50:11:936
Regarding inclusion of the names in TGT promotion panel amongst TET pass in service c&V teacher procession B.A/b.Com/ degree as per existing r&p rules for promotions as TGT(A) in the year 2021, Dispatch No: 16049-16505 , Date:-2021-10-01 08:37:00:473
Regarding release of salary of SMC teachers engaged the smc policy, Dispatch No: 15177-79 , Date:-2021-09-18 11:54:42:363
Regularization of contract Appintess in the Government Departments Instruction thereof., Dispatch No: 14763-14785 , Date:-2021-09-17 11:25:51:926
Regarding online registration for 29th HP Children Science Congress-2021., Dispatch No: 11468-12217 , Date:-2021-09-04 14:15:20:920
Regarding Regularization of C&V Teachers who have completed three year service till 30.09.2021., Dispatch No: 14251-14707 , Date:-2021-09-14 14:00:55:913
Regarding - Link for Teacher's Orientation Training workshop on 31st August 2021 at 10:30 to 11:30 AM., Dispatch No: 9383-9405 , Date:-2021-08-24 13:32:04:168
प्रशिक्षित स्नातक एवं सी एंड वी अध्यापकों की वर्ष 2020-21 की गोपनीय रिपोर्ट भेजने बारे I, Dispatch No: 6882-7302 , Date:-2021-07-24 14:59:12:270
Regarding appointment Orders of Shastri., Dispatch No: 6190-6357 , Date:-2021-07-16 12:43:44:781
Information required under RTI Act, 2005- Transfer of RTI application under section 6 (3), Dispatch No: 2412-2414 , Date:-2021-04-28 16:06:15:902
Information required under RTI Act, 2005- Transfer of RTI application under section 6 (3), Dispatch No: 2409-2411 , Date:-2021-04-28 16:05:28:407
Information required under RTI Act, 2005- Transfer of RTI application under section 6 (3), Dispatch No: 2406-2414 , Date:-2021-04-28 16:03:26:254
Regarding requirement of budget demand for teachers appointed under SMC policy for the financial year 2021-22., Dispatch No: 869-1295 , Date:-2021-04-22 13:21:17:164
Information required under RTI Act, 2005- Transfer of RTI application under section 6(3), Dispatch No: 462-465 , Date:-2021-04-09 16:05:22:941
Information regarding Block Level Tournament, Dispatch No: 438-461 , Date:-2021-04-09 16:01:20:893
Prakalan samiti ke 29th karvahi (12th vidhan sabha 2017-18) per agrim karyvahi bare., Dispatch No: 50686-709 , Date:-2021-03-27 17:07:28:183
Regarding GIA of the SMC engaged teachers for the month of June, 2020 and January, 2021, Dispatch No: 49922-50346 , Date:-2021-03-24 15:47:04:281
Regarding detail of SMC teachers (C&V & TGTs) whos have been engaged as per SMC Policy dated 17.07.2012, Dispatch No: 49496-49920 , Date:-2021-03-24 15:03:17:787
Regarding extension inengagement of SMC teachers already engaged under SMC teachers policy in Elementary Education Department for the academic session 2021-22, Dispatch No: 49071-49495 , Date:-2021-03-24 15:01:49:716
Regularization of TGTsTeachers who have completed three year service till 31-03-2021, Dispatch No: 46026-46451 , Date:-2021-03-18 16:19:51:667
Regularization of C & V Teachers who have completed three year service till 31-03-2021, Dispatch No: 46452-46877 , Date:-2021-03-18 16:17:34:900
Information required under RTI Act, 2005-Transfer of RTI application under section 6 (3), Dispatch No: 45472-45900 , Date:-2021-03-06 11:10:41:649
Regarding conduct of Terminal Assessment (SA-II) of students winter and summer closing March 2021., Dispatch No: 43927-44696 , Date:-2021-02-25 16:08:44:152
List of istitution(s) Individual(s) to which amount to be transferred through RTGS on a/c of prize money of the participants of Sports and Cultural events during International SHIVRATRI FAIR 2020, Dispatch No: 42493-42966 , Date:-2021-02-22 12:31:11:596
Regarding National Toy Fair (NTF)2020-21, Dispatch No: 42041-42361 , Date:-2021-02-16 11:14:14:388
Submission of Establishment return of TGTs and C&V Category, Dispatch No: 41018-41337 , Date:-4/2/2021
Revised Batch wise recruitment for the post Shastri bio data form, Dispatch No: 10.02.2021 , Date:-2021-02-04 14:26:30:757
Corrigendum of JBT recruitment 2021, Dispatch No: 2021 , Date:-2021-02-01 16:22:33:641
Information required under RTI act, 2005, Dispatch No: 37857-38284 , Date:-2021-01-13 15:00:08:886
Regarding Information required under RTI Act, 2005- Transfer of RTI application under section 6 (3), Dispatch No: 39545-47 , Date:-2021-02-01 14:54:28:870
Information required under RTI Act, 2005- Transfer of RTI application under section 6 (3), Dispatch No: 40272-40698 , Date:-2021-02-01 12:17:57:410
Regarding counseling for the recruitment of C&V teachers to the post of Shastri on contract basis, Dispatch No: 166-178 , Date:-2021-01-30 16:50:54:384
Regarding conseling for the recruitment of C&V teacher to the post of Shastri on contract basis, Dispatch No: 166-2021 , Date:-2020-12-30 16:48:39:359
Regarding counseling for the recruitment of teachers to the post of JBT on contract basis, Dispatch No: 38844-39213 , Date:-2021-01-30 11:51:32:712
Regarding fresh recognition/Annual Renewal of Recognition for Privately Managed Schools for the session 2021-22, Dispatch No: 39219-39519 , Date:-2021-01-28 11:14:23:218
World Wetlands Day Celebration 2021, Dispatch No: 38452 , Date:-2021-01-20 17:30:31:071
Notification, Dispatch No: 1111 , Date:-2021-01-20 13:26:02:702
Information Required under RTI act, 2005-Transfer of RTI application sectin6(3) Puspa Puspa kumari D/O Krishan Lal W/o Sanjay kumar, Dispatch No: 37564-65 , Date:-2021-01-11 17:40:55:707
National Toy Fair (NTF) 2020-2021, Dispatch No: 37414-37457 , Date:-2021-01-06 16:58:38:517
Regarding Sanction of Maternity Leave to SMC Teachers (Clarification thereof), Dispatch No: 34198-34598 , Date:-2020-12-15 11:12:19:446
Regarding Issuing of disability medical certificate to the newly included disabilities in the right of person with Disabilities-publicity thereof., Dispatch No: 33991-34035 , Date:-2020-12-08 14:02:12:406
Regarding Reporting of education institutions in Himachal Pradesh., Dispatch No: 32938-33664 , Date:-2020-12-02 11:40:41:035
बाल / बालिका सुरक्षा योजना ( Foster Care) के अंतर्गत लाभार्थी बच्चों की पढाई की अनावर्तन रिपोर्ट ( follow up report) करने बारे I, Dispatch No: 32327-28 , Date:-2020-11-26 11:00:24:766
Regarding Left out PTA teachers in TGT cadre, Dispatch No: 31748-32174 , Date:-2020-11-21 13:14:05:025
Regarding "Khelo India Fitness App" and "Fit India Awareness Programme Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education with Sports Authority of India(SAI) under India National Fitness Programme for Schools in Online mode., Dispatch No: 31278-31746 , Date:-2020-11-21 13:10:54:657
Regarding "Khelo India Fitness App" and "Fit India Awareness Programme Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education with Sports Authority of India(SAI) under India National Fitness Programme for Schools in Online mode., Dispatch No: 30819-31267 , Date:-2020-11-20 16:18:11:597
Regarding Postponement & Rescheduling of NMMS Examination-2020, Dispatch No: 30808 , Date:-2020-11-20 13:30:07:011
Regarding Nasha Mukt Abhiyan / ePTM / SMC meeting on November 20,2020 at 11:00 AM through virtual system with parents/ teachers/ students to create awareness about the same through district expert of different fields., Dispatch No: 29776-30226 , Date:-2020-11-18 11:59:08:065
Regarding holding of Monthly e-PTM & SMC meeting, Dispatch No: 171120 , Date:-2020-11-17 15:59:45:835
Regarding smooth conducting of qualifying / selection examination for various course., Dispatch No: 26564-27012 , Date:-2020-11-06 11:13:08:300
Regarding submission of fee reimbursement case under 25% reservation to weaker section and disadvantage groups children under section 12., Dispatch No: 27994-28442 , Date:-2020-11-10 14:00:31:989
Extension of last for submission of online applications under pre-martic minority., Dispatch No: 27209-27977 , Date:-2020-11-09 11:14:11:673
Regarding Transfer of funds through NEFT/RTGS of Govt. Sr. Sec. School/ Govt. High Schools of Karsog-Ist Zone, Dispatch No: 27197-98 , Date:-2020-11-09 16:05:34:719
Regarding extension inengagement of SMC teachers already engaged under SMC teachers policy in Elementary and High Education Department for the academic session 2020-21., Dispatch No: 25505-25921 , Date:-2020-11-04 11:50:29:053
Information required under RTI Act, 2005-Transfer of RTI application under section 6 (3), Dispatch No: 24069-24497 , Date:-2020-11-02 10:25:34:167
Information required under RTI Act, 2005- Transfer of RTI application under section 6 (3)., Dispatch No: 24500-24927 , Date:-2020-11-02 10:22:05:189
Regarding updation of Aadhar enrollment., Dispatch No: 24932-25380 , Date:-2020-11-02 14:29:22:457
Regarding Deworming day campaign 2-10 November 2020, Dispatch No: 23981-24028 , Date:-2020-10-30 14:49:55:347
Celebrating 50th year of the Statehood, Dispatch No: 21700-22148 , Date:-2020-10-20 15:18:58:129
Regarding implementation of Pre- Matric Minority Scholarship Schemes Progress and Monitoring in Finance year 2020-21., Dispatch No: 21096-21544 , Date:-2020-10-16 16:02:06:622
Information regarding SMC teachers appointed on SMC period basis, Dispatch No: 20658-21084 , Date:-2020-10-16 14:49:42:815
Regarding "Digi Saksham" - digital enablement program for master teachers and teachers in context of NEP as approved by the govt., Dispatch No: 20514-20557 , Date:-2020-10-16 12:55:37:371
Regarding inclusion the names in TGT (Arts)/ TGT (Med) TGT (NM) promotion panel amongst the recently / left out TET Pass in service JBT /C&V Teachers possessing the essential education qualification as per existing R&P Rles og TGT dated 31.05.2012., Dispatch No: 19183-583 , Date:-2020-10-07 17:03:54:742
Regarding District -wise Data of POSCO Case in the Department of Elementary Education., Dispatch No: 19120-39 , Date:-2020-10-06 12:32:49:613
Regarding confirmation of C&V Teachers., Dispatch No: 17006-17405 , Date:-2020-10-03 16:32:25:847
Regarding Regularization Order of LT as on 30.09.2020., Dispatch No: 18531-567 , Date:-2020-10-03 16:29:57:370
Regarding Regularization Order of DM as on 30.09.2020., Dispatch No: 18570-18579 , Date:-2020-10-03 16:28:11:762
Regarding Regularization Order of OT as on 30.09.2020., Dispatch No: 18506-530 , Date:-2020-10-03 16:26:06:109
Regarding Regularization Order of PET as on 30.09.2020., Dispatch No: 18568-69 , Date:-2020-10-03 16:23:40:091
Regarding Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan., Dispatch No: 17749-8849 , Date:-2020-10-01 11:11:32:677
Regarding Disaster quarterly Report format., Dispatch No: special number 316 , Date:-2020-09-30 16:50:35:288
Instruction fro conducting summative Assessment (SA-I) for Elementary Classes through online or any other mode., Dispatch No: special No 998836 , Date:-2020-09-29 11:54:35:446
24-02-2020 for the post of JBT for DSW-Ex Cell OC58/2018, Dispatch No: 25092020_P , Date:-2020-09-25 13:06:49:973
24-02-2020 for the post of JBT for DSW-Ex Cell OC58/2018, Dispatch No: 25092020_G , Date:-2020-09-25 13:04:51:247
List of candidates whose names have been sponsored by the concerned Employment Exchanges for the post of TGT Arts, Non Medical & Medical under vacancies reserved for wards of Ex SM to be conducted on 25thSeptember 2020 for (TGT Arts) and 26th September, 2020 for TGT Medical & Non Medical., Dispatch No: special number 319 , Date:-2020-09-23 15:06:01:460
Regarding List of candidates (date wise) for the post of TGT (Batch wise) Arts, Non Medical & Medical to be conducted during September & October, 2020, Dispatch No: Special 265 , Date:-2020-09-23 13:37:21:749
Regarding submission of documents for preparing of seniority list of TGT., Dispatch No: 15531-931 , Date:-2020-09-21 13:52:29:550
Counseling schedule for the post of TGTs in district Mandi, Dispatch No: 15342-521000 , Date:-2020-09-19 17:18:47:297
Press Note regarding TGT counseling, Dispatch No: 15342-521 , Date:-2020-09-19 17:10:07:211
Regarding Appointment Orders of PET on batch wise basis., Dispatch No: 14530-14566 , Date:-2020-09-11 16:23:50:222
Regarding Regularization of contract appointees in the Government Department Instruction thereof., Dispatch No: 14487-14507 , Date:-2020-09-11 14:34:50:803
प्रशिक्षित स्न्नातक अध्यापकों कि वर्ष 2019-20 की वार्षिक गोपनीय रिपोर्ट तथा ( Completion Certificate) प्रमाण पत्र भेजने बारे I, Dispatch No: 14041-14467 , Date:-2020-09-10 15:35:31:917
Regarding Installation of Biometric Device., Dispatch No: 13646-68 , Date:-2020-10-05 13:34:22:942
Regarding Supplying of Information under RTI Act.2005, Dispatch No: 12488-12938 , Date:-2020-10-02 14:34:10:608
Information Regarding use of Whatsapp group., Dispatch No: 12452-12474 , Date:-2020-10-01 14:17:48:505
Regarding Regularization of C&V teachers who have completed three years service till 30.09.2020., Dispatch No: 12031-12373 , Date:-2020-08-31 15:04:57:198
प्राकलन समिति के 29वें कार्यवाई ( 12वीं विधानसभा 2017-18 ) पर अग्रिम करवाई बारे I, Dispatch No: 11650-12016 , Date:-2020-08-31 14:27:23:045
Regarding Weekly Iron & Folic Acid Supplement (WIFS Junior) Programme., Dispatch No: 11567-11589 , Date:-2020-08-29 13:26:02:261
Regarding Appointment order of LT Ward of Ex servicemen., Dispatch No: 15541-43 , Date:-2020-08-29 13:22:06:402
Incorporation of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP) logo to ensure right of girls child., Dispatch No: 11413-11465 , Date:-2020-08-28 11:59:07:668
Regarding Appointment order of LT Ward of Ex servicemen., Dispatch No: 11343-11373 , Date:-2020-08-27 14:23:54:086
Regarding Pre-Matric Scholarships Schemes for Minority communities for the year 2020-21., Dispatch No: 10286-11075 , Date:-2020-08-24 11:49:06:574
Regarding Timeline and other under the Pre- Metric Scholarships Schemes for minority communities for the year 2020-21., Dispatch No: 9004-9752 , Date:-2020-08-19 10:34:57:591
Regarding Regularization of PTA GIA/ Contract C&V Teachers (Shastri) in District Mandi., Dispatch No: 9786-9884 , Date:-2020-08-20 10:50:37:307
Regarding Regularization of PTA GIA/ Contract C&V Teachers (LT) in District Mandi., Dispatch No: 9755-9786 , Date:-2020-08-20 10:48:56:242
Regarding Regularization of PTA GIA/ Contract C&V Teachers (PET) in District Mandi., Dispatch No: 10028-10210 , Date:-2020-08-20 10:46:09:101
Regarding Regularization of PTA GIA/ Contract C&V Teachers (DM) in District Mandi., Dispatch No: 9885-10027 , Date:-2020-08-20 10:44:06:995
Regarding Submission of Information in r.o TGTs appointment, Dispatch No: 8878-8898 , Date:-2020-08-17 17:00:39:633
SPEAKING ORDER, Dispatch No: 7382-7832 , Date:-2020-08-14 11:48:53:804
Regarding regularization of the PTA's provided teachers working under GIA to PTA's Rules-2006., Dispatch No: 6912-7339 , Date:-2020-08-11 16:43:34:465
OFFICE ORDER 6037 of 2008, Dispatch No: 6264-6650 , Date:-2020-08-04 16:07:51:165
State Innovation Award Scheme, Dispatch No: 5286-5308 , Date:-2020-07-30 12:28:49:240
प्रशिक्षित स्न्नातक अध्यापकों एवं सी एंड वी अध्यापकों की वर्ष 2019-20 की वार्षिक गोपनीय रिपोर्ट भेजने बारे I, Dispatch No: 4183-4610 , Date:-2020-07-24 16:39:13:793
Regarding Clarification regarding accumulation of earned leave from date of regularization of Service retrospectively as per court order etc., Dispatch No: 4697-5145 , Date:-2020-07-24 16:31:12:267
Information in r/o GVU, Dispatch No: 4636-4658 , Date:-2020-07-24 12:15:40:242
Information under RTI in r/o PTA Teachers, Dispatch No: 4108-09 , Date:-2020-07-21 14:56:18:252
Office Order, Dispatch No: 3169-3192 , Date:-2020-07-17 14:40:20:509
अस्वच्छ व्यवसाय में लगे लोगो के बच्चों के लिए प्री - मैट्रिक छात्रवृती बारे I, Dispatch No: 3119-3161 , Date:-2020-07-17 11:08:11:003
Regarding Implementation of Pre- Metric, Post Metric and MCM Scholarships schemes for minorities through National Scholar Ship Portal (NCP) In 2020-21., Dispatch No: 2254-3027 , Date:-2020-07-16 10:22:52:569
Regarding Digital/ Online Education Guidelines - PRAGYATA, Dispatch No: 3028-3050 , Date:-2020-07-15 16:25:27:193
Regarding Disaster Management Quarterly Reporting Format for the Quarter ending., Dispatch No: 2136-59 , Date:-2020-07-15 10:57:37:666
Online Poem Competition, Dispatch No: 1408-1835 , Date:-2020-07-08 12:07:46:331
Instruction regarding salary of PTWC cum DW, Dispatch No: 1321-1343 , Date:-7-7-20
Regarding Creation of New Education Block at Bagsiad in District Mandi H.P, Dispatch No: 1220-1242 , Date:-2020-07-04 16:13:37:802
Regarding National & state teacher award for the year 2020, Dispatch No: Special No 98521 , Date:-2020-07-04 13:04:53:680
वर्ष 2020 के राष्ट्रीय स्तरीय शिक्षक पुरुस्कार बारे I, Dispatch No: 197-647 , Date:-2020-07-03 16:49:01:100
वर्ष 2020 में शिक्षक दिवस के अवसर पर प्रकाशित स्मारिका के लिए लेख एवम आलेख प्रेषित करने बारे I, Dispatch No: 648-1098 , Date:-2020-07-03 16:46:54:908
प्रारम्भिक शिक्षा विभाग कह गतिविधियों की समीक्षा पर माननीय समितिके 12वें मूल प्रतिवेदन (तेहरवीं विधानसभा) (वर्ष 2019-20 ) पर आगामी कार्यवाही बारे I, Dispatch No: 41-83 , Date:-2020-07-02 15:01:48:157
वर्ष 2020-21 के लिए छात्रवृतियों से सम्बधित आवेदन बारे I (6th To 8th ), Dispatch No: 47135-48162 , Date:-2020-07-02 11:51:52:928
Regarding concept Note on the Exit Policy to revive the economy and to support the vulnerable sections received from the IIM, Sirmour and the IIT Mandi., Dispatch No: 49026-49366 , Date:-2020-07-01 14:08:00:782
सरकारी समारोह में उपहार स्वरूप फूल- गुलदस्ता, शाल व टोपी भेंट किये जाने बारे I, Dispatch No: 48685-49025 , Date:-2020-07-01 14:04:20:896
Regarding activities relating to constitution Day / citizen's duties thereof., Dispatch No: 48344-48684 , Date:-2020-07-01 14:01:54:636
Regarding abolished/ vacant posts of PTWC in Govt. Primary Schools Standalone middle school., Dispatch No: 47786-47829 , Date:-2020-06-27 12:26:39:124
Information required under RTI act 2005 transfer of application under section 6(3)., Dispatch No: 44230-44659 , Date:-2020-06-24 10:14:10:796
Information Regarding option/ bio data for promotion of the post of Lecturer(Shool-New) by in service TGTs appointed on 21.02.2012 having less than 50% marks in Master degree and B.Ed. degree., Dispatch No: 43491-43970 , Date:-2020-06-20 15:28:21:484
Regarding Precaution to be taken in light of Noval Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ), Dispatch No: 42977-43299 , Date:-2020-06-17 12:16:10:597
Regarding Regarding Collection of Fee by Private Schools during COVID-19 Lockdown., Dispatch No: 42618-42940 , Date:-2020-06-16 12:07:09:770
Regarding collection of Fee by private schools during COVID-19 Lockdown., Dispatch No: special number 883 , Date:-2020-06-02 10:58:40:314
Information Regarding celebration of World Environment day 2020 through digital means., Dispatch No: 40900-41577 , Date:-2020-05-22 14:16:40:063
Regarding supplying of information under RTI Act, 2005, Dispatch No: 40405-40848 , Date:-2020-05-21 10:39:02:751
Regarding Submission of Annual Eco Club Report for the year of 2020, Dispatch No: 39669-40346 , Date:-2020-05-13 16:31:32:983
कक्षा पहली से आठवीं के विद्यार्थियों को पदोन्नत कर अगली कक्षा में प्रवेश के लिए मार्गदर्शन करने बारे l, Dispatch No: 39474-39515 , Date:-2020-05-12 10:22:12:440
Regarding admission for the academic session 2020-21., Dispatch No: 39516-39557 , Date:-2020-05-12 13:35:26:511
Regarding admission for the academic session 2020-21., Dispatch No: 39432-39473 , Date:-2020-05-12 12:21:10:035
Reg. deposit of school fees & funds during curfew / lockdown period., Dispatch No: 39390-39431 , Date:-2020-05-12 12:18:49:901
Information Regarding AYUSH Sanjeevani App., Dispatch No: 39208-229 , Date:-2020-05-05 15:59:24:179
Information Regarding Regularization of TGTs Teachers who have completed / likely to complete three years service till 31.03.2020, Dispatch No: spcial number 451 , Date:-2020-05-05 11:01:13:660
Information Regarding Regularization of C&V Teachers who have completed / likely to complete three years service till 31.03.2020, Dispatch No: special number 452 , Date:-2020-05-05 10:54:42:039
Look what I shared: Students Details for MID-day-meal (April 2020) @MIUI|, Dispatch No: 348466-506_1 , Date:-2020-04-05 20:24:06:502
Regarding distribution of raw food grains (rice) & Cooking cost to the school children of primary and upper primary classes under Mid-Day Meal Scheme., Dispatch No: 348466-506 , Date:-2020-04-04 17:48:18:286
Information Regarding Regarding Postponement of answer sheet evaluation., Dispatch No: 38220-38261 , Date:-2020-03-21 11:35:05:388
Information Regarding Regarding Distribution of raw Foodgrains (Rice) & cooking cost to the school children of Primary & Upper Primary classes under Mid Day Meal Scheme for the period of closure of schools due to novel Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the State., Dispatch No: 38179-38219 , Date:-2020-03-21 11:29:52:281
Information Regarding Order under clause 2 (g) of the Himachal Pradesh Epidemic Disease (COVID-19) Regulation,2020, Dispatch No: 37331-37671 , Date:-2020-03-19 15:24:36:595
Regarding Awareness about Coronavirus, Dispatch No: 37672-38012 , Date:-2020-03-19 15:21:07:711
Regarding Instruction in view of COVID-19, Dispatch No: 36834-37134 , Date:-2020-03-16 16:37:59:733
Regarding Regularization of TGTs teachers who have completed / likely to complete three years service till 31.03.2020., Dispatch No: 36542 , Date:-2020-03-06 14:33:25:604
पहली से आठवीं कक्षा तक चल रहे निज़ि शिक्षण संस्थानों में बोर्ड द्वारा निर्धारित पाठ्यपुस्तकों को पढ़ाने के संदर्भ में I, Dispatch No: 36240-36539 , Date:-2020-03-06 13:22:01:467
Information RTI Act 2005, Dispatch No: 35771-36219 , Date:-2020-03-05 13:14:05:592
Information Regarding Regularization of C&V teachers who have completed / likely to complete three years service till 31.03.2020., Dispatch No: 34851-35279 , Date:-2020-02-29 10:28:57:910
Regarding release of funds on account of various under-14 tournament / coaching camp for the year 2019-2020 in r/o DDEE Mandi., Dispatch No: Special No 34654 , Date:-2020-02-15 12:35:42:510
Regarding RTI, Dispatch No: special number 693 , Date:-2020-02-06 10:41:19:068
information regarding RTI, Dispatch No: 32736-33165 , Date:-2020-02-05 14:27:13:645
Math Mela, Dispatch No: 31274-75 , Date:-2020-01-17 16:44:44:076
Eco Club Updation / Formation., Dispatch No: 31272-73 , Date:-2020-01-17 16:41:17:887
Lunar Eclipse, Dispatch No: 30508 , Date:-2020-01-09 17:02:48:070
Regarding Fresh recognition / Annual Renewal of Recognition for Privately managed Schools for the session 2020-21, Dispatch No: 28246-28565 , Date:-2020-01-01 13:14:32:233
Regarding bringing of Teachers under Old pension scheme appointment on contract basis before 15 My 2003. in r/o all C&V and TGTs. in district mandi, Dispatch No: 26814-26833 , Date:-2019-12-18 16:25:02:326
मार्च -2020 में आयोजित की जाने वाली 5वीं व 8वीं कक्षाओ की ग्रीष्मकालीन वार्षिक परीक्षाओं से सम्बन्धित प्रश्न पत्रों की मांग बारे I, Dispatch No: 26541-26582 , Date:-2019-12-16 12:42:25:776
Clarification regarding pay fixation of regularized TGT's., Dispatch No: 44744-45 , Date:-2019-12-11 11:33:06:955
Regarding discrimination in serving MDM to students., Dispatch No: 25677-26124 , Date:-2019-12-11 10:31:19:519
Regarding supply of information regarding 25% admission of the students belonging to weaker section and disadvantaged group in private in-aided schools, Dispatch No: 24975-25300 , Date:-2019-12-07 14:49:47:262
Dustbins for Eco Clubs, Dispatch No: 20406 , Date:-2019-10-22 12:12:54:289
Information Regarding RTI, Dispatch No: 23021-23042 , Date:-2019-11-19 14:46:53:697
Regarding Middle merit Scholarship Exam 2019., Dispatch No: 22675-22716 , Date:-2019-11-15 13:24:22:917
Clarification regarding grant of approval military service for the purpose of pay fixation in compliance to H.P. Govt. Department of Personnel Leter No. PER(AP)-CB(12)-1/2013 dated 25.02.19, Dispatch No: 19679 , Date:-2019-10-18 13:00:32:821
Schedule of of CSC-2019, Dispatch No: 20852-20913 , Date:-2019-10-31 11:46:01:002
Office Orders of Teacher for CSC-2019, Dispatch No: 20944-357 , Date:-2019-10-31 11:42:41:050
Office Order, Dispatch No: 12/2019 , Date:-2019-10-23 12:15:23:806
Regarding date of District level CSC 2019 Children Science Congress), Dispatch No: 20399-20405 , Date:-2019-10-22 14:05:49:063
Regarding Regularization of Block Elementary Education Officers., Dispatch No: 20297-20319 , Date:-2019-10-21 14:55:07:879
Clarification regarding grant of approval military service for the purpose of pay fixation in compliance to H.P. Govt. Department of Personnel Leter No. PER(AP)-CB(12)-1/2013 dated 25.02.19, Dispatch No: 19679-20107 , Date:-2019-10-18 14:10:41:091
Under-l4 (Boys/ Glrls) State Level Yoga and Chess Tournament being organized in GSSS Rewalsar w.e.f. 22.10.2019 to 23.10.2019, Dispatch No: 19641-19665 , Date:-2019-10-18 11:26:35:778
अल्पसंख्यक समुदायों से सम्बंधित विद्यार्थियों के लिए छात्रवृत्ति बारे I, Dispatch No: 18923-19635 , Date:-2019-10-17 12:16:00:095
Regarding availability if FTB e-Indents in r/o winter closing schools., Dispatch No: 17492-17533 , Date:-2019-10-01 16:53:54:966
Regarding verification of Drivers/Helpers of vehicles ferrying children schools, Dispatch No: 17166 , Date:-2019-10-01 16:34:12:539
Regularization of C&V, Dispatch No: 16684-17111 , Date:-2019-09-30 16:25:32:081
Information Regarding Promotion of JBT's to the post of Language Teachers., Dispatch No: 16102-16123 , Date:-2019-09-21 13:02:12:770
Office Order PETs are deployed for the smooth conduct of Girls (Major/Minor) U-14 Coaching Camp for State Level Tournaments held in GSSS Hatgarh & GSSS Ghasnoo., Dispatch No: 15158-15167 , Date:-2019-09-11 16:17:33:739
Office Order for Coaching Camp Under-14 Girls State Level Tournaments at GSSS Hatgarh., Dispatch No: 15143-45 , Date:-2019-09-11 15:35:09:520
Under-12 (Boys/Girls) District Primary Level CHESS Tournaments to be held at GSSS Karsog w.e.f. 23.09.2019 & 27.09.2019 is withdrawn and cancelled due to administrative reasons, Dispatch No: 14984 , Date:-2019-09-07 15:38:35:343
Office Order Under-12 (Boys/Girls) State Primary Level Tournaments to held at GSSS Joginder Nagar (B) w.e.f. 06.10.2019 & 10.10.2019 is withdrawn and cancelled due to administrative reasons, Dispatch No: 14983 , Date:-2019-09-07 15:32:13:429
Under-12 (Boys/Girls) State Primary Level Tournaments to held at GSSS Joginder Nagar (B) w.e.f. 06.10.2019 & 10.10.2019 is withdrawn and cancelled due to administrative reasons., Dispatch No: 14985 , Date:-2019-09-07 15:30:02:955
Office Orders of all type of Sports duties for district / State Level tournament., Dispatch No: 14829-14845 , Date:-2019-09-06 16:48:27:527
Implementation of "The Right of Children to free and Compulsory Education (Amendment) Act,2019". Regarding Conducting 5th and 8th class examination., Dispatch No: 14761-14802 , Date:-2019-09-06 16:23:08:176
Proceeding of DSSA meeting dated 16-08-2019 held at office of the DDEE Mandi meeting hall, Dispatch No: 0000002 , Date:-2019-08-26 10:25:57:825
District Primary Sports calendar Under-12(Boys and Girls for the year 2019, Dispatch No: 000001 , Date:-2019-08-26 10:23:01:173
Rumour regarding theft of children by Child Snatcher G, Dispatch No: 000000 , Date:-02-09-2019
Office Order of District office Organizer (Sports)., Dispatch No: Special Number 441 , Date:-2019-08-02 13:29:06:819
Regarding supreme court Committee on road safety - Additional directions for improvement of road safety in the state., Dispatch No: 9603-9900 , Date:-2019-08-02 13:22:36:588
Supreme court committe on road safety -additional direction for improvement of road sefety in the state, Dispatch No: 9602-990 , Date:-02.08.2019
Supreme court Committee on road Safety -Additional directions for improvement of road safety in the state, Dispatch No: 9602-9900 , Date:-02.08.2019
Information regarding in service PETs who are eligible for promotion to the post of DPE., Dispatch No: 8564-9022 , Date:-2019-07-26 16:07:43:419
Regarding submission of demand for the purchase of desk, green board, tat patti, fire fighting extinguisher, water purifier and book case., Dispatch No: 8483-8523 , Date:-2019-07-25 10:36:33:017
Information Regarding RTI Act,2005., Dispatch No: 8045-8471 , Date:-2019-07-25 11:45:07:287
Regarding updatation of detail in NSP of Nodal officer at District and institution level., Dispatch No: 3234 , Date:-2019-07-15 13:58:50:077
Regarding submission of enrollment of SC student who belong to IRDP/ BPL families for providing payment in lieu of free writing material for the year 2019-20., Dispatch No: 7914 , Date:-2019-07-23 10:47:44:790
Regarding enhancement in emoluments of PAT at par with the regular teachers., Dispatch No: 3397-3418 , Date:-2019-07-17 13:59:53:404
Information Regarding Use of Double fortified salt (iron & iodine) and edible oils (vitamin A&D ) fir Mid Day Meal in schools in the state., Dispatch No: 3150-51 , Date:-2019-07-12 12:04:48:448
Regarding Institutionalize a robust and holistic review and monitoring mechanism through school inspection, predominantly focused on academic performance, at all levels in the state by expending the usage of Shiksha Saathi Application., Dispatch No: 2095-2135 , Date:-2019-07-05 11:28:03:020
Schedule of U-14 District / State level tournaments and Coaching Camps for state level tournaments-2019., Dispatch No: 1908 , Date:-2019-07-03 10:53:40:470
Information Regarding selection of JBT (TET Merit) on Contract basis and in continuation to permission issued by DEE H.P. Shimla, Dispatch No: 1322-1337 , Date:-2019-06-20 12:30:13:798
Information Regarding JBT TET Merit, (3rd waiting list) and on the basis of orders passed by the Hon'ble High Court of H.P., Dispatch No: 1275-1337 , Date:-2019-06-20 12:26:16:255
Appointment Orders of Physical Education Teacher Physically disabled persons., Dispatch No: 1257-62 , Date:-2019-06-24 11:51:36:004
Regarding transfer of funds through NEFT, Dispatch No: 1519 , Date:-2019-06-24 11:37:35:833
Regarding scholorship for 2019-20, Dispatch No: 614-634 , Date:-2019-06-18 11:51:24:668
Regarding Submission of data, Dispatch No: 769-1079 , Date:-2019-06-19 12:34:24:196
Regarding Details of Venue Schools, Observer, Asstt. Organizer Where Under-14 Zonal level Tournament are scheduled to be held in District Mandi for the year 2019., Dispatch No: Special 485 , Date:-2019-06-15 10:33:03:866
Information Regarding Opening & Closing Ceremony of the Tournament., Dispatch No: Special Number 440 , Date:-2019-06-14 15:44:31:040
Detail of Private schools participating in Under -14 tournaments for the year 2018-19, Dispatch No: 425 , Date:-2019-06-14 11:52:33:648
Zonal level under-14 venue, Dispatch No: 12345 , Date:-2019-06-10 12:20:09:101
Information Regarding U-14 Zonal Level tournament of Chess competition (Boys & Girls ) 2019, Dispatch No: Special 184 , Date:-2019-06-10 10:45:10:765
OFFICE ORDER, Dispatch No: 193 , Date:-2019-06-10 15:38:17:846
OFFICE ORDER, Dispatch No: 190-92 , Date:-2019-06-10 15:36:56:363
Regarding Topics for Declamation context U-12 & U-14 (boys & Girls ) during cultural competition 2019-20., Dispatch No: Special 448 , Date:-2019-06-07 10:31:16:256
Detail of Private schools participating in Under -14 tournaments for the year 2018-19, Dispatch No: Special Number 447 , Date:-2019-06-07 10:26:22:566
Information Regarding celebration of 5th International Day of Yoga as per common Yoga Protocol(CYP) developed by Ministry of AYUSH., Dispatch No: 98828-98848 , Date:-2019-05-31 16:10:34:107
Information Regarding National Teacher Award., Dispatch No: Special Number 961 , Date:-2019-05-31 15:49:07:329
Second waiting List of JBT TET Merit., Dispatch No: 98637-98702 , Date:-2019-05-31 15:12:47:353
Details of Private schools participating in Under -14 tournaments for the year 2018-19, Dispatch No: 98750 , Date:-2019-05-30 11:53:53:247
Information Regarding Annual General District Elementary School Sports Association of District Mandi., Dispatch No: 98410-12 , Date:-2019-05-27 10:54:51:817
Information Regarding Nature Visit of Eco Club members on the occasion of World Environment Day-2019., Dispatch No: 98400-04 , Date:-2019-05-27 15:32:24:317
Regarding Block Wise Enrollment of GPS/GMS/GHS/GSSS of District Mandi., Dispatch No: Special Number 778 , Date:-2019-05-27 11:32:56:235
Information Regarding Vedic Mathematics training w.e.f. 19th to 22nd June 2019., Dispatch No: 98385-87 , Date:-2019-05-27 10:59:47:653
Biodiversity Day 2019 - Celebration thereof., Dispatch No: 86380-392 , Date:-2019-05-15 11:08:27:339
Office Order Regarding meeting of those Private / Govt Schools who participated in the International Shivratri Fair 2019., Dispatch No: 96353 , Date:-2019-05-14 14:44:43:204
Regarding providing facilities at polling stations., Dispatch No: 95740-96187 , Date:-2019-05-10 11:15:43:013
अंडर - 14 के बालक व बालिकाओं की खण्ड स्तरीय खेल -कूद प्रतियोगिता की बैठक बारे I, Dispatch No: 94905-95432 , Date:-2019-05-02 11:21:51:480
Regarding utilization certificate, Dispatch No: 92710-92842 , Date:-2019-04-26 16:51:23:099
NDD-WIFS, Dispatch No: 92537-59 , Date:-2019-04-26 14:53:12:862
Polythene Hatao Paryavarn bachao Abhiyan 12th April to 20th April 2019., Dispatch No: 90009-90806 , Date:-2019-04-10 11:38:00:074
स्थापना विवरणी आधार तिथि 30-04-2019 की दिनांक 15-05-2019 तक उपलब्ध करवाने बारे I, Dispatch No: Special Number 963 , Date:-2019-04-02 15:07:49:778
स्थापना विवरणी आधार तिथि 30-04-2019 की दिनांक 15-05-2019 तक उपलब्ध करवाने बारे I, Dispatch No: 88219-88647 , Date:-2019-05-02 15:18:28:664
Immunization Certificate, Dispatch No: 87614-87655 , Date:-2019-04-01 12:26:04:229
Information regarding appointment of teachers by the SMCs who have not been appointed by following the process as envisaged in SMC appointment policy dated 17.07.2012 and further extended vide notification dated 16.08.2014., Dispatch No: 87087-87534 , Date:-2019-03-30 15:02:41:410
Regarding 4th April 1905 Kangra Earthquake Anniversary : conduct shake out drill., Dispatch No: 86922-87002 , Date:-2019-03-28 17:06:37:161
Regarding follow up the meeting of inter ministerial committee for implementation of Swachh Bharat Mission held on 03.12.2018, Dispatch No: 86426-86873 , Date:-2019-03-27 14:38:48:596
Regarding submission of necessary documents while submitting time barred claims to this office., Dispatch No: 84556 , Date:-2019-03-19 11:59:53:342
Regarding Couselling TGT(Arts/ Medical / Non Medical), Dispatch No: 11345-36 , Date:-2019-03-13 15:43:03:431
Regarding transfer of funds, Dispatch No: 81101-81528 , Date:-2019-03-01 12:44:24:223
Regarding Exemption from ongoing Exams for children Martyed soldiers in pulwama Attack, Dispatch No: 82101-21 , Date:-2019-03-06 16:32:57:903
suomoto action on the news published in Amar Ujala Hindi news item, Dispatch No: 82122-22 , Date:-2019-03-06 16:30:16:274
Appointment orders of JBT Physical Handicapped, Dispatch No: 80641-47 , Date:-2019-02-18 10:21:04:354
Information Regarding 25% Reservation to weaker sections and disadvantaged groups in all the educational Institutions including privately managed school and public school., Dispatch No: Special Number 445 , Date:-2019-02-18 15:00:41:989
Appointment orders of JBT (Witing List), Dispatch No: 80457-61 , Date:-2019-02-16 11:16:00:486
Information regarding conduct of Terminal Assessment of student in Govt. schools (summer closing), Dispatch No: 80376-80416 , Date:-2019-02-15 12:32:59:544
Information Regarding Him Care Scheme, Dispatch No: special number 889 , Date:-2019-02-13 11:41:17:135
Office Order Regarding winter school will remain closed till 17th feb. 2019 and will reopen on 18 Feb. 2019, Dispatch No: 79589-80079 , Date:-2019-02-13 10:29:12:751
तारांकित डायरी स० 13/5/721 श्री सतपाल सिंह रायजादा (उना) द्वारा सेवा निवृत कर्मचारियों को पेंशन बारे I, Dispatch No: 79094-79419 , Date:-2019-02-11 16:29:45:090
Information regarding new date of Renewal Recognition and Fresh Recognition, Dispatch No: 3695 special Numbe , Date:-2019-02-06 16:22:21:540
Information regarding PTA provided teachers appointed after the cease of PTA Policy., Dispatch No: 78393-78863 , Date:-2019-02-06 15:40:52:733
Information Regarding Administrative approval regarding revision / enhancement in the existing cooking cost @ 5.35% per day made by the Government of India w.e.f. 01.04.2018 onwards under MDM Scheme., Dispatch No: 78125-65 , Date:-2019-02-04 15:57:40:620
Information Regarding unstarred Assembly Question Dairy No.13/5/261 asked by Sh. Narinder Thakur (Hamirpur), Dispatch No: 77590-78024 , Date:-2019-02-01 12:38:26:219
Regarding Information under RTI, Dispatch No: 75634-76396 , Date:-2019-01-16 11:27:05:900
Proforma for Blockwise Enrolment in r/o GPS/GMS/GHS/GSSS of Distt. Mandi H.P., Dispatch No: special Number 752 , Date:-2019-01-16 11:24:49:046
Information Regarding Maintenance of Village Education Register (VERs), Dispatch No: 75191-75211 , Date:-2019-01-08 13:34:20:845
Information regarding new Scheme " Vidyarthi Van Mittar Yojna ", Dispatch No: 75212-75252 , Date:-2019-01-08 13:31:15:543
Information Regarding "IDEATE FOR INDIA" creating solutions using technology - A online National challenge for Tech Creation., Dispatch No: 75255-75720 , Date:-2019-01-08 13:29:02:320
Rules and Regulations with application forms for 1st to 8th Recognition (Fresh / Renewal) of Private Schools 2019-2020, Dispatch No: 01 , Date:-2019-01-03 16:31:42:811
Regarding Fresh Recognition / Annual Renewal of Recognition for Privately Managed Schools for the session 2019-2020, Dispatch No: 74677-75002 , Date:-2019-01-03 16:19:59:172
National Essay Writing competetion on agriculture waste to wealth, Dispatch No: 71853-72535 , Date:-2018-12-15 12:53:19:749
Supply of information regarding 25% admissions of the students belonging to weaker section, Dispatch No: 72546-73174 , Date:-2018-12-15 12:49:42:694
Regarding Issued instructions regarding credit of Earned Leave., Dispatch No: 71085-71510 , Date:-2018-12-11 15:37:10:960
Regarding supply the panel of eligible teachers for setting & Moderation of question Papers, Dispatch No: 70923-70943 , Date:-2018-12-10 15:30:01:077
Regarding marking instruction for 8th class, Social Science December-2018 examination., Dispatch No: 70898-70918 , Date:-2018-12-10 13:28:49:056
Guidelines on Tithi Bhojan under Mid Day Meal Scheme, Dispatch No: 69292-69313 , Date:-2018-11-28 11:15:08:601
Instruction for Shastri regarding B.Ed or D.L.E.D, Dispatch No: special 333 , Date:-2018-12-03 12:04:00:034
Regarding display the logo of Beti Bchao Beti Padhao., Dispatch No: special number 444 , Date:-2018-11-30 16:50:15:555
Information regarding awareness of ill-effect of drug- abuse., Dispatch No: special number 888 , Date:-2018-11-30 16:14:18:146
Information regarding Hin'ble supreme court order dated 23.10.2018 in Petition (Civil) No. 728 of 2015 regarding fire crackers., Dispatch No: 69584-69625 , Date:-2018-11-30 16:07:06:743
Information regarding discussion/ action on the letter No.2601/08/2018-POCSO/NCPCR/7906 dated 06.09.2018 received form Sh. Yashwant Jain, Member, National commission for protection of child right new Delhi regarding advisory on online dangerous game (Momo challenge ) regarding child safety., Dispatch No: 69498-69539 , Date:-2018-11-30 15:36:57:105
Information regarding additional directions for improvement of road safety in the states / UTs., Dispatch No: 69540-69581 , Date:-2018-11-30 15:26:08:738
Information regarding celebration of Constitution day on 26.11.2018, Dispatch No: 69039-69079 , Date:-2018-11-24 16:16:48:925
Regarding interview/ counseling for the recruitment of Junior Basic Teacher ( Physically Disable person ) on contract basis., Dispatch No: 64267-321 , Date:-2018-11-02 10:51:36:509
Office Order of JBT Appointment, Dispatch No: 65363-427 , Date:-2018-11-16 10:42:54:677
Regarding submission of pending cases related to the diverting of local/private gifted land/Revenue land in favour of Education Department thereof., Dispatch No: 64559-64984 , Date:-2018-11-05 10:30:02:568
Instructions regarding participation of recognised Private schools in Primary and Under-14 level tournaments, Dispatch No: 60150-350 , Date:-2018-11-05 16:09:59:517
Corrigendum, Dispatch No: special number 55 , Date:-2018-11-06 15:46:17:328
Regarding awareness of ill effect of during - abuse, Dispatch No: 63457-64257 , Date:-2018-11-02 12:23:05:904
The following playesr will participate in the Coaching camp for State level Chess tournaments to be held in GSSS Gohar on dated 10.11.2018 & 12.11.2018 and State level chess tournaments shall also be conducted in GSSS Gohar on dated 13.11.2018 to 14.11.2018., Dispatch No: 63363-73 , Date:-2018-10-31 12:57:46:884
Conduct of Coaching Camp of Under-14 State level Chess (Boys/Girls) Tournaments to be conducted in GSSS Gohar w.e.f. 10.11.2018 to 12.11.2018 & State level chess competition will be conducted in GSSS Gohar on dated 13.11.2018 to 14.11.2018, Dispatch No: 63342-51 , Date:-2018-10-31 12:53:10:378
वर्ष 2018-19 के लिए छात्रवृतियों से संबन्धित विद्यार्थियों के payee code Generate करने बारे ( कक्षा पहली से आठवीं ) I, Dispatch No: 62592-63042 , Date:-2018-10-26 16:59:14:901
Information regarding support to observe National De- Worming day and Vitamin A on 1st November 2018 in H.P., Dispatch No: 63149-63189 , Date:-2018-10-29 13:03:37:198
बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढाओ योजना के संदर्भ में I, Dispatch No: Special number 007 , Date:-2018-10-27 12:10:35:838
बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढ़ाओ के संदर्भ में I, Dispatch No: 630669-712 , Date:-2018-10-27 10:57:08:511
Regarding conduct of self defence Training as well as awareness amongst the girl students of class 6th to 8th of all govt. Middle schools of H.P., Dispatch No: Special 009 , Date:-2018-10-25 12:45:21:105
Discussion / Action on suicide cases being took places among the students in private as well as Govt. Schools in the district., Dispatch No: 62373-62413 , Date:-2018-10-25 12:38:44:703
Regarding One day workshop/ awareness campaign on sanitation under community Mobilization Intervention., Dispatch No: 62414-62454 , Date:-2018-10-25 12:31:56:919
Regarding Death of a Girl during Mock Drill in Tamill Nadu., Dispatch No: 62332-62372 , Date:-2018-10-25 12:27:01:678
Regarding verification of Fake Fake Degrees/ Certificated/ credential of all TGT/C&V / JBT teachers in Mandi district, Dispatch No: 38752-39212 , Date:-2018-08-10 14:35:37:739
State Level Tournament of under-14 years Girls/Boys being held at GSSS (B&G) Dharamsala District Kangra w.e.f. 22.10.2018 to 26.10.2018., Dispatch No: 61130-61580 , Date:-2018-10-18 11:59:33:556
Regarding information under RTI Act, 2005., Dispatch No: 61581-62011 , Date:-2018-10-18 11:56:52:164
Regarding Review of verification of application status 2018-19., Dispatch No: 59398-60248 , Date:-2018-10-10 15:06:57:978
Regarding providing of information under RTI Act, 2005 " URGENT/TIME BOUND", Dispatch No: 58888-59216 , Date:-2018-10-06 15:57:56:251
Information regarding JJ Act 2015, Dispatch No: Special Number 010 , Date:-2018-10-06 17:47:40:811
Regarding CWPIL No 13/2015 court on its own motion v/v state of H.P., Dispatch No: 59446-59811 , Date:-2018-10-06 17:46:04:715
Implementation of Provision of RPWD Act 2016 regarding inclusive education and special school for children with disability., Dispatch No: 59364-59404 , Date:-2018-10-06 17:43:37:989
Regarding Aadhaar based Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), Dispatch No: 59405-59445 , Date:-2018-10-06 17:40:23:138
Regarding 1st meeting of the school safety advisory committee at the state level held on 28.07.2018., Dispatch No: 59323-59363 , Date:-2018-10-06 17:37:59:884
Regarding new scheme " Vidyarthi Van Mittar Yojna", Dispatch No: 59240-59281 , Date:-2018-10-06 17:34:20:207
Minutes of the 4th meeting of the Governing council of Niti Aayog held under the chairmanship of Hon'ble PM of India on 17th June 2018., Dispatch No: 59282-59322 , Date:-2018-10-06 17:31:17:933
Regarding commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi, Dispatch No: 59869-59909 , Date:-2018-10-06 17:28:24:650
Instruction regarding implementation of resolution passed by panchyats - CWPIL 223-2017., Dispatch No: 59813-59868 , Date:-2018-10-06 17:25:11:872
दिव्यांग छात्रों के लिए छात्रवृति योजना बारे I, Dispatch No: 58263-5878858788 , Date:-2018-10-05 13:06:11:941
उर्जा संरक्षण पर राष्ट्रीय अभियान के तहत कक्षा 4,5 एवं ( श्रेणी अ ) एवं कक्षा 7,8, एवं 9 (श्रेणी ब) के स्कूली छात्र / छात्राओं हेतु पेंटिंग प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन I, Dispatch No: special number 005 , Date:-2018-10-05 11:24:38:788
अल्पसंख्यक समुदायों से संबन्धित विद्यार्थियों के लिए छात्रवृति बारे 1, Dispatch No: 52580-53005 , Date:-2018-09-29 17:03:29:081
Information regarding Samarth 2018 State level Mass Awareness and capacity building campaign in disaster risk reduction (1st to 13th October 2018), Dispatch No: 52529-571 , Date:-2018-09-29 15:44:46:951
The following PETs of District Mandi are hereby deputed as contingent incharges to escort the Boys participants of under-14 State Level Tournaments (Major Games) held in GSSS Kalpa, District Kinnaur w.e.f. 03.10.2018 to 06.10.2018, Dispatch No: 50898-50921 , Date:-2018-09-26 14:25:13:775
The following officials are hereby deputed for the smooth conduct of Under-14 District Cultural and Athletics (Boys/Girls) Tournaments held in GSSS Gagal, Dispatch No: 50922-50957 , Date:-2018-09-26 14:19:41:458
Regarding draft guidelines in the matter of safety of the children studying in private and Govt. Schools in consultation with NCPCR, Dispatch No: 51821-52246 , Date:-2018-09-26 11:24:24:146
Regarding implementation of submitting of immunization certificate at the time of admission in 1st class in all Government / Pvt. school under CBSE, ICSE, HPBOSE., Dispatch No: 51395-51820 , Date:-2018-09-26 11:18:07:491
Regarding extension in 1st class for the year 2018, Dispatch No: 50967-51392 , Date:-2018-09-26 11:12:36:382
Regarding regularization of left out categories., Dispatch No: 49106-49531 , Date:-2018-09-25 13:18:55:229
असुरक्षित/विघटित पाठशालाओं भवनों बारे |, Dispatch No: 49566-49911 , Date:-2018-09-25 11:40:42:860
Submission of proposal for the construction of class rooms/additional class rooms in r/o GMS in your control under SCSP, Dispatch No: 49932-50357 , Date:-2018-09-25 11:36:26:523
Revised Schedule for Primary/Under-14 Various District/State Level Tournaments 2018-19, Dispatch No: 50368-50739 , Date:-2018-09-25 16:18:16:656
Office Order 22 Sep. 2018 Quiz / Science Activity / Math Olympiad / Science Model Competition, Dispatch No: A-11358-11456 , Date:-2018-09-22 12:56:15:917
Regarding publicity of Scholarship and time line activities under the pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minority Community., Dispatch No: 47764-47805 , Date:-2018-09-18 10:21:22:901
हिमाचल प्रदेश के राज्यपाल को सम्बोधित करते समय अभिवादन के रूप में "महामहिम " शब्दों का प्रचलन समाप्त करना I, Dispatch No: 48251-48291 , Date:-2018-09-18 17:05:44:078
Regarding Weekly IFA ( Iron Folic, Acid) supplementation to the age group of 6 Years ti 10 years of children under National Iron Plus Initiative, Government of Himachal Pradesh, Dispatch No: special Number 123 , Date:-2018-09-18 17:01:30:400
पाठशालाओं में स्वच्छता सप्ताह का आयोजन करने बारें I, Dispatch No: 47264-665 , Date:-2018-09-15 17:52:13:494
Information regarding Earned Leave, Dispatch No: special number , Date:-2018-09-11 15:32:28:869
Regarding various demands of Mid-Day Meal, Dispatch No: 46872-93 , Date:-2018-09-07 16:35:13:947
Information regarding DDMA Meeting, Dispatch No: 46692-46742 , Date:-2018-09-06 10:18:39:960
List of private schools for participation in Primary level Block/ District tournaments -2018, Dispatch No: 45644-669 , Date:-2018-08-29 11:40:38:851
Specimen of Counselling Letter / Criteria / Batch information / Date of Counselling / Bio Data Form / Annexure -A & B, Dispatch No: 225897-559987 , Date:-2018-08-28 17:31:01:946
List of Candidates TGT (Medical) Whose Names have been sponsored by the different Employment Exchanges for Batch wise Counselling September 2018, Dispatch No: 56972-89657 , Date:-2018-08-28 17:02:10:461
List of Candidates TGT (Non-Medical) Whose Names have been sponsored by the different Employment Exchanges for Batch wise Counselling September 2018, Dispatch No: 87969-55228 , Date:-2018-08-28 16:58:03:899
List of Candidates TGT (Arts) Whose Names have been sponsored by the different Employment Exchanges for Batch wise Counselling September 2018, Dispatch No: 54321-12345 , Date:-2018-08-28 16:52:49:694
Information Regarding Safety / security of school Children., Dispatch No: 45759-46184 , Date:-2018-08-30 14:59:46:664
Newly Appointed JBT Purely on contract basis 2018., Dispatch No: 844786-943 , Date:-2018-08-28 11:43:41:097
Transfer of amount on a/c of contingency for the conduct of Zonal/ District tournaments for the year 2018., Dispatch No: 43878-879 , Date:-2018-08-23 18:00:14:988
Regarding transfer of Contingency amount on account of Under-14 Zonal/District (B&G) tournaments for the year 2018, Dispatch No: 43878-79 , Date:-2018-08-23 17:49:32:411
Under-14 District Level (Boys) Tournaments at GSSS Gopalpur., Dispatch No: 43176-82 , Date:-2018-08-23 13:12:15:414
Under-14 District Level (Girls) Tournaments w.e.f. 01.09.2018 to 04.09.2018 at GSSS Janjehali., Dispatch No: 43183-508 , Date:-2018-08-23 13:08:56:770
Under-14 District Level (Boys) Tournaments w.e.f. 06.09.2018 to 09.09.2018 at GSSS Gopalpur., Dispatch No: 43509-834 , Date:-2018-08-23 13:07:00:633
Regarding submission of expenditure report of Diet Money and Bus fare for one day i.e. 17.08.2018 of the participants of under-14 Girls District level tournaments held in GSSS Janjehali., Dispatch No: 43835-77 , Date:-2018-08-23 13:03:09:239
Regarding Revised Schedule of Under-14 District/ State level tournaments- 2018., Dispatch No: 42747-43072 , Date:-2018-08-21 10:32:31:084
Information regarding PTA provided teachers engaged after the cease of PTA Policy, Dispatch No: 42140-465 , Date:-2018-08-14 18:19:48:027
Information regarding WP No. 25680/ 2017 filed by M Purushotam Vs Union of India and others in the high court of Judicature at Madras reg., Dispatch No: 41467-42138 , Date:-2018-08-14 13:44:11:729
स्वर्णिम हिमाचल पत्र के अंतर्गत "अखण्ड शिक्षा ज्योति , मेरे स्कूल से निकले मोती " योजना के दिशा निर्देशों के अनुमोदित बारे I, Dispatch No: 40729-40769 , Date:-2018-08-10 11:34:34:585
Regarding effective implementation of COPA, 2003., Dispatch No: 40298-40728 , Date:-2018-08-10 11:28:56:933
Regarding Online Complaint Management system " She Box", Dispatch No: 40791-40831 , Date:-2018-08-10 11:26:04:807
Regarding promoting Menstrual Health for women and adolescent girls- availability of quality sanitary Napkins through Sanitary Napkins Vending Machines and safe & environment friendly disposal of used sanitary napkins through sanitary Napkin Incinerators., Dispatch No: 40252-40292 , Date:-2018-08-10 11:19:46:290
Saksham National Competition, Dispatch No: 39748-40248 , Date:-2018-08-10 16:28:27:326
Science Seminar, Dispatch No: 39247-39747 , Date:-2018-08-10 16:25:07:093
Regrading damage to GPS/GMS School buildings due to heavy rain in District Mandi H.P., Dispatch No: 38225-38650 , Date:-2018-08-07 16:07:17:799
Information Regarding Children Science Congress 2018, Dispatch No: 37032-37732 , Date:-2018-08-06 16:16:05:470
Regarding unsafe school buildings in District Mandi H.P., Dispatch No: 35261-35691 , Date:-2018-08-02 12:43:28:642
स्कूलों में बच्चों की सुरक्षा सम्बंधी बारे |, Dispatch No: 35709-36164 , Date:-2018-07-02 12:38:29:408
Regarding physical allocation of scholarship and timeline activities under the Pre- Matric Scholarship Schemes for minority communities for the year 2018-19., Dispatch No: 36201-36968 , Date:-2018-08-03 14:05:08:697
Regarding venue for the conduct of District Level (Boys / Girls) tournaments has been fixed in GSSS Hatgarh, District Mandi (H.P.) on 09.08.2018 to 11.08.2018., Dispatch No: 26724-0 , Date:-2018-06-25 14:22:18:767
Office Order Regarding Smooth conduct of Under-14 District Lever CHESS Tournaments (BOYS/GIRLS) is being held in -GSSS HATGARH w.e.f. 09.08.2018 to 11.08.2018., Dispatch No: 31713-31736 , Date:-2018-07-13 14:18:37:415
अनुदानित राशन स्वेच्छापूर्वक अभ्यर्पण करने बारे अनुरोध I, Dispatch No: 35030-72 , Date:-2018-08-02 15:56:10:534
Information regarding submission of demand for budget in different SOEs for the financial Year 2018-19, Dispatch No: 34519-34949 , Date:-2018-07-31 14:06:12:634
पाठशालाओं में पानी के उपयोग तथा इससे सम्बन्धित अन्य सुरक्षा उपाय बारे दिशा-निर्देश I, Dispatch No: 34382-34422 , Date:-2018-07-28 14:43:17:012
Information Regarding National award to Teacher 2018, Dispatch No: 33845-85 , Date:-2018-07-27 17:05:57:508
Office Order regarding the smooth conduct of under-14 District Level (Boys) Tournaments held in GSSS Gopalpur w.e.f. 22.08.2018 to 25.05.2018., Dispatch No: 33161-33248 , Date:-2018-07-19 11:22:06:558
Office Order regarding the smooth conduct of under-14 District Level (Girls) Tournaments held in GSSS Janjehali w.e.f. 17.08.2018 to 20.08.2018., Dispatch No: 33052-33135 , Date:-2018-07-19 11:19:30:454
Office Order regarding pre-arrangements for the smooth conduct of under-14 District Level (Boys) Tournaments in GSSS Gopalpur w.e.f 22.08.2018 to 25.08.2018, Dispatch No: 33136-33160 , Date:-2018-07-19 11:14:44:134
RTE, Act के कार्यान्वयन के सम्बन्ध में |, Dispatch No: 32295-32715 , Date:-2018-07-16 12:51:34:247
Information regarding Norms and standards according to RTE Act, 2009 for Sixth class to Eighth class(Upper Primary) as in 30.06.2018, Dispatch No: Special 002 , Date:-2018-07-17 11:11:14:822
RTE, Act के कार्यान्वयन के सम्बन्ध में |, Dispatch No: Special 005 , Date:-2018-07-16 17:05:42:045
Provision of rain water harvesting for all Govt. buildings., Dispatch No: 131841-32261 , Date:-2018-07-16 14:25:14:118
Deputation of Officers/Officials for the smooth conduct of District level tournaments w.e.f. 9-11 August, 2018., Dispatch No: 31713-736 , Date:-2018-07-13 10:42:47:278
Conduct of OPEN BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP in TOWN HALL, Mandi w.e.f. 13 to 15 July, 2018., Dispatch No: 31401-700 , Date:-2018-07-10 10:35:13:719
Training programme for the Master Trainers under the scheme of Khelo India from 19.07.2018 to 02'08.2018 at Luxmibai National Institute of Physical Education (LNlpE) Shakti Nagar, Mela Road, Gwalior (M.p.)., Dispatch No: 29296-29309 , Date:-2018-07-10 12:48:01:582
Regarding Supreme court guidlines on child safety, Dispatch No: 29389-29716 , Date:-2018-07-11 15:27:28:081
Petion of Sh. Anuj S/o Sh Ranvir Singh Village sain ki Ser PO Nahan Distt Sirmour, Dispatch No: 29717-30137 , Date:-2018-07-11 15:21:02:781
Ban on plastic bottles containing drinking water or otherwise in Government offices in himachal pradesh, Dispatch No: 31221-31641 , Date:-2018-07-11 15:05:07:470
Regarding use of adhar in Benefit schemes of Government-Exception handling, Dispatch No: 30895-31220 , Date:-2018-07-11 14:57:54:965
Regarding mannual on saftey and security of children in schools, Dispatch No: 304469-30964 , Date:-2018-07-11 14:56:09:413
वार्षिक बजट २०१८-19 के लिए माननीय विधायकों की प्राथमिकताओं के निवारण हेतू, Dispatch No: 30143-30468 , Date:-2018-07-11 14:53:50:148
Re: अनुदानित राशनस्वेच्छापूर्वक अभ्यपर्ण करने बारे अनुरोध l, Dispatch No: 29371-29373 , Date:-2018-07-11 12:06:14:309
Regarding submission of Enrollment of students for (Medhavi Chhatravriti Yojna) Middle Merit Scholarship for the year 2018-19., Dispatch No: 28777-28797 , Date:-2018-07-07 14:55:54:218
Regarding submission of Enrollment of students for (Medhavi Chhatravriti Yojna) Middle Merit Scholarship for the year 2018-19., Dispatch No: 28798-29143 , Date:-2018-07-07 14:52:31:212
Form of Bio- Data to be field by the candidate appearing for interview/ Counseling (TET Qualified) ti the post of JBT, Dispatch No: Special 01 , Date:-2018-07-07 15:00:53:766
अनुसूचित जाति / अनुसूचित जनजाति ( अत्याचार निवारण ) अधिनियम 1989 के अंतर्गत दिनांक 18-05-2018 को आयोजित की नई बैठक की कार्यवाही भेजने बारे l, Dispatch No: 27234-27579 , Date:-2018-07-03 12:15:31:936
पाठशालाओं में बच्चों के मध्याहन भोजन तैयार करने हेतू उपयोग में लाए जाने वाले पानी तथा इससे सम्बन्धित अन्य सुरक्षा उपाय एवं स्वच्छता बारे दिशा निर्देश I, Dispatch No: 27026-27088 , Date:-2018-06-26 16:35:04:547
Office Order (The venue for the conduct of District Level tournaments (Boys/Girls) has been fixed in GSSS Hatgarh, Dispatch No: 26724 , Date:-2018-06-25 14:30:20:293
Information regarding 25% reservation to weaker sections and disadvantaged groups in all the educational institution including privately managed school and public school for the session 2018-2019., Dispatch No: 26657-26687 , Date:-2018-06-23 14:52:22:916
Information regarding Vehicles attached with schools for transportation of students., Dispatch No: 26214-26544 , Date:-2018-06-22 12:51:19:157
State level refresher course to the PETs of District Mandi for the year 2018., Dispatch No: 25526-28 , Date:-2018-06-18 10:09:43:264
Invitation to participate in SKOCH Governance Assessment and SKOCH award for Governance 2018, Dispatch No: 20705-21451 , Date:-2018-06-14 10:42:15:282
Regarding arranging lectures of our war Heroes in schools., Dispatch No: 21452-22198 , Date:-2018-06-14 10:37:13:431
Regarding Anti terrorism Day on 21st may 2018., Dispatch No: 17717-18463 , Date:-2018-06-14 10:33:19:907
State level Consultation on:Inclusion of PwDs in Electoral Process:reg, Dispatch No: 19958-20704 , Date:-2018-06-14 10:26:37:804
regarding accident of school bus in Nurpur Sub Division District Kangra, Dispatch No: 18464-19210 , Date:-2018-06-14 10:23:13:287
सरकारी स्कूल के छात्रो को स्कूल प्रबंधन की और से पहचान पत्र जारी करवाने बारे, Dispatch No: २२९४६-693 , Date:-2018-06-14 15:00:23:059
Forwarding the framework/ guidlines for Nirbhya Fund Scheme being implemented by Ministry of women and child Development govt. of India, Dispatch No: 23694-440 , Date:-2018-06-14 14:54:24:290
Invitation of nominations for award under HP State Innovation Award Scheme for the year 2017-18, Dispatch No: 24441-25187 , Date:-2018-06-14 14:50:44:634
Detail of Private schools participating in Zonal level tournamets-2018., Dispatch No: 17649-52 , Date:-2018-06-13 16:09:49:535
Detail of private schools participating in Under-14 Zonal level tournamentrs, Dispatch No: 17523-26 , Date:-2018-06-11 10:19:14:987
Information regarding Science Teacher's camp,, Dispatch No: 17067-507 , Date:-2018-06-11 15:53:16:160
Detail of Private schools participating in Under-14 tournaments in District Mandi, Dispatch No: 17061-63 , Date:-2018-06-08 16:29:29:250
Orientation Meetings for Science Activities., Dispatch No: 16269 , Date:-2018-06-08 12:29:16:756
भारतीय जनता पार्टी के स्वर्णिम हिमाचल दृष्टि पत्र 2017 के कार्यान्वयन सम्बन्धी l, Dispatch No: 15109-529 , Date:-2018-06-05 10:15:26:341
Detail of Private Schools participating in Under-14 (Boys/Girls) Tournaments for the year 2018., Dispatch No: 15585-95 , Date:-2018-06-06 17:39:18:568
Detailed report to be submitted by the Observer (Boys/Girls) under 14 Zonal Tournaments, Dispatch No: 1112 , Date:-2018-06-05 13:34:14:707
Office Order (Principal/PGT/TGT/PET and JBT's deputed as ARBITER to conduct the Zonal Level Chess U-14 (Boys & Girls) tournaments., Dispatch No: 15058-93 , Date:-2018-06-04 10:52:56:963
वर्ष 2018-19 की 14 वर्ष से कम आयु वर्ग की खेलकूद प्रतियोगिताओं के आयोजन हेतु दिशा निर्देश |, Dispatch No: 14909-911 , Date:-2018-06-02 12:46:49:225
Detail of private schools participating in under 14 tournaments for the year 2018., Dispatch No: 14912-992 , Date:-2018-06-02 17:13:43:211
Regarding IDCF intensified Diarrhea Control Fortnight) from 4th June to 17th June 2018, Dispatch No: 14817-857 , Date:-2018-06-01 14:36:18:400
Regarding conduct of Inter School Badminton Championship at Town Hall Mandi on 8,9,10 June, 2018, Dispatch No: 125 , Date:-2018-05-28 13:23:44:471
Regarding conduct of District Level Workshop on Chess game being introduced in the State for U-14 tournaments, Dispatch No: 14349-58 , Date:-2018-05-30 16:28:30:338
Regarding conduct of "District Level Workshop" on newly introduced Chess game in the State, Dispatch No: 14309-342 , Date:-2018-05-29 18:42:17:908
Information Regarding considering 4th Saturday of every month in schools as a Bag free day., Dispatch No: 13848-88 , Date:-2018-05-23 10:55:53:342
World Environment Day Celebration Campaign - River Cleaning to " Beat the Plastic Pollution" 05.06.2018, Dispatch No: 12834-56 , Date:-2018-05-15 12:12:31:084
Information regarding Eco- Club Report, Dispatch No: 122309-808 , Date:-2018-05-14 16:55:40:398
Regarding depositing of unspent amount of Rs. 19.80 Crore in the account of Director Elementary Education H.P. and utilizing the same for providing storage tanks, water purifies and hand wash facilities in all schools under Elementary Education in relaxation of provision of Education Code., Dispatch No: 11744-12164 , Date:-2018-05-09 13:30:52:402
Electrification of all upper Primary Schools by December, 2020 Thereof., Dispatch No: 10911-11310 , Date:-2018-05-09 13:24:49:049
Ensuring Accessible Electoral Process Assistance to Election Authorities- Regarding, Dispatch No: 11311-731 , Date:-2018-05-09 13:18:35:857
सरकारी स्कूल के छात्रों को स्कूल प्रबन्धन की ओर से पहचान पत्र जारी करने के बारे में, Dispatch No: 10027-10067 , Date:-2018-05-09 12:14:14:487
Regarding Strict adherence enforcement provision of RTE act. 2009, Dispatch No: 10815-10835 , Date:-2018-05-09 12:09:00:231
Regarding protection of children, Dispatch No: 10026-10066 , Date:-2018-05-09 12:03:04:816
Regarding setting up of salary napkin dispenser and Incinerator, Dispatch No: 10067-10814 , Date:-2018-05-09 12:00:43:557
budget aswasan 2018-19, Dispatch No: 10841-881 , Date:-2018-05-09 11:58:18:088
Regarding Irregularities in National Scholarship Portal (NSP) under Scholarship Schemes., Dispatch No: 9140-9907 , Date:-2018-05-08 14:57:10:304
Revised venue for Under-14 District School Sports Association, Mandi for the year 2018., Dispatch No: 8645-9065 , Date:-2018-05-05 10:25:03:287
Transfer of funds through RTGS/ NEFT on account of expenditure incurred during under -14 Zonal ,District level Tournaments, Dispatch No: 7844-7873 , Date:-2018-05-02 13:01:54:925
Strict Implementation of the Protection of Civil Right Act 1955 and Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocity) Act 1989, Dispatch No: 8405-8447 , Date:-2018-05-02 12:26:28:000
Sports calendar along with venue of meeting in respect of Under-14 Zonal level (B&G) tournaments for the year 2018., Dispatch No: 7874-8293 , Date:-2018-05-02 14:59:07:089
Regarding Centrally Sponsored scheme of Pre-Matric Scholarship to the children of those Engaged in Occupation involving Cleaning and Prone to Health Hazards Continuation of the scheme from the year 2017-18 to 2019-20 with modifications., Dispatch No: 7193-7613 , Date:-2018-04-26 16:20:37:229
वर्ष 2018-19 के लिए छात्रवृतिओ से संबन्धित आवेदनो बारे (Class 6ht to 8th ), Dispatch No: 5901 - 6301 , Date:-2018-04-25 16:01:26:013
Information regarding 25% reservation to weaker Sections and disadvantaged Groups in all the Educational Institution including privately managed School and public school for the session 2018-2019, Dispatch No: 6748-7096 , Date:-2018-04-25 06:46:15:627
Requirement of budget to the SMC GIA provided teachers upto 30.09.2018 excluding vacation period, Dispatch No: 12304 , Date:-2018-04-20 13:17:38:621
Regarding launching of Special drive to check the school Buses & Vehicles attached with schools., Dispatch No: 5072-399 , Date:-2018-04-19 16:31:13:726
Regarding continuation of services of SMC provided teachers in Elementary/Higher Education Department of H.P. for the academic session 2018-19., Dispatch No: 4629-5029 , Date:-2018-04-19 16:14:00:449
Information regarding celebration of hand wash day on 20th April 2018, Dispatch No: 4530-90 , Date:-2018-04-19 13:24:35:303
स्कूली बच्चों की सुरक्षा सम्बन्धी |, Dispatch No: 3448-3868 , Date:-2018-04-13 11:12:20:977
स्कूली बच्चों की सुरक्षा सम्बन्धी I, Dispatch No: 4020-61 , Date:-2018-04-16 16:11:11:800
Regarding confirmation of C&V teachers, Dispatch No: 2776-3176 , Date:-2018-04-10 14:47:05:157
Tentative combined seniority list of C&V teachers w.e.f. 01.07.2016 to 31.03.2018, Dispatch No: 2375-775 , Date:-2018-04-10 14:44:37:773
प्रशिक्षित स्नातक (C & V) अध्यापकों की वर्ष 2016-17 वार्षिक गोपनीय रिपोर्ट के completion certificate प्रमाण पत्र न भेजने बारे स्पष्टीकरणI, Dispatch No: 3917-4006 , Date:-2018-04-16 10:36:57:974
Information Regarding Training and Orientation Workshop on NCPCR Guideline for Eliminating Corporal Punishment in schools, Dispatch No: 249-577 , Date:-2018-04-04 16:58:25:560
Combined Final Seniority List of C & V Category in r/o Mandi Distt. as Stood on 30.06.2016, Dispatch No: 010001 , Date:-2018-04-03 16:29:43:020
Shake Out Drill, Dispatch No: 23-43 , Date:-2018-04-02 17:26:35:334
Regularisation of C&V teachers who have completed three years services as on 31.03.2018, Dispatch No: 107415-815 , Date:-2018-03-28 14:10:08:135
Regarding Batch wise counselling in R/o TGT Category, Dispatch No: 21587-85 , Date:-2018-03-26 16:14:51:237
Information Regarding implementation of Protection of Child Rights (CSCR) ACT, 2005, Dispatch No: 104826-105553 , Date:-2018-03-22 12:28:16:941
Information regarding Road safety Education and counselling, Dispatch No: 105554-106301 , Date:-2018-03-22 12:24:36:796
Information Regarding decided court case by the Hon'ble High court of H.P., Dispatch No: 106302-107049 , Date:-2018-03-22 12:17:44:832
No Discrimination with school children on the basis of caste, creed and gender in the schools under MDM Programme., Dispatch No: 103487-528 , Date:-2018-03-21 10:52:43:052
Regarding departmental MSc. In R/o in service TGT's, Dispatch No: 103982-104382 , Date:-2018-03-21 10:43:27:080
SLP(C) No. 5370/2014 titled as harbans Lal Vs Rajeev Sharma & others, Dispatch No: 103529-949 , Date:-2018-03-20 10:34:02:556
Regarding benefit of service rendered as Vidya Upasak., Dispatch No: 103050-450 , Date:-2018-03-20 14:32:53:540
Information regarding School safety Action Plan, Dispatch No: 101678-102425 , Date:-2018-03-16 16:30:10:723
ग्रामीण विद्या उपासक वर्ग से शिक्षा विभाग द्वारा नियमित अध्यापको को डी0 एल0 एड0 के प्रशिक्षण के आदेश निरस्त करने बारे I, Dispatch No: 101657-77 , Date:-2018-03-16 16:24:15:839
Information Regarding CWP No.7385 / 2011, Dispatch No: 102426-846 , Date:-2018-03-16 16:06:28:972
Information Regarding CWP No.7385 / 2011, Dispatch No: 100585-100626 , Date:-2018-03-14 13:52:26:610
Sanitation 100 days plan, Dispatch No: 101083-101503 , Date:-2018-03-15 13:49:14:644
Free Text Books, Dispatch No: 100662-101082 , Date:-2018-03-15 13:33:04:833
Information Regarding Reporting of Mid Day Meal via SMS of MDM (ARMS), Dispatch No: 100252-93 , Date:-2018-03-14 13:29:38:774
Regarding detail of pending uniforms under "MGVY", Dispatch No: 98997-99007 , Date:-2018-03-08 13:43:09:008
Weekly Iron and folic acid Supplementation (WIFS)Programme, Dispatch No: 99599-100036 , Date:-2018-03-09 14:57:25:105
Regarding framing contract policy for 2500 SMC appointed teachers, Dispatch No: 99107-99507 , Date:-2018-03-08 11:24:28:702
Submission of documents regarding promotion of PETs to the post of DPEs, Dispatch No: 97867-98267 , Date:-2018-03-05 15:55:23:416
Information regarding releasing arrears in r/o TGTs under Judgement in CWP No. 1811/2008- Titled as Dev Raj Vs. State of H.P. & ors. and all other related matters., Dispatch No: 1098 , Date:-2018-03-22 12:31:25:893
Information Regarding Submission of affidavit regarding Supreme court guideline on Child safety in Schools, Dispatch No: 95658-95985 , Date:-2018-02-21 13:24:25:843
Regarding functionality and maintenance of toilets in GPS/GMS in District Mandi H.P., Dispatch No: 95072-492 , Date:-2018-02-19 12:04:23:337
Information Regarding Name of the defaulter Schools who have not submitted completion Certificate, Dispatch No: 96081-250 , Date:-2018-02-23 16:40:36:011
JNVST 2018, Dispatch No: 96026-49 , Date:-2018-02-22 11:01:14:608
Information Regarding conducting Social Audit of Mid Day Meal in School, Dispatch No: 95020-22 , Date:-2018-02-20 12:30:19:375
Regarding Institution/ School Registration on NSP (National Scholarship Portal) Last date 31st March, 2018., Dispatch No: 94082-849 , Date:-2018-02-15 12:44:13:932
Proposals for diversion of forest land under FCA 1980/FRA lying pending under your concerned institution/Education Block., Dispatch No: 93623-94043 , Date:-2018-02-12 16:45:07:024
Implementation of Himachal Pradesh Universal Health Protection Scheme-enrollment & issuance process thereof., Dispatch No: 93277-93317 , Date:-2018-02-09 13:37:50:288
Answer sheet for 5th & 8th classes, Dispatch No: 92926-67 , Date:-2018-02-06 11:22:41:432
मेधावी छात्रवृति (6th class) की राशि कीNEFT/RTGS करने बारे, Dispatch No: 92997-93081 , Date:-2018-02-07 10:34:05:761
Information Regarding Conducting of Social Audit of Mid Day Meal Scheme in the State., Dispatch No: 91799-92210 , Date:-2018-02-05 16:25:56:273
Conducting Social Audit of Mid Day Meal Scheme in the State., Dispatch No: 0000000 , Date:-2018-01-24 11:08:58:339
Information Regarding Mera HImachal Swachh Himachal, Dispatch No: 91756-766 , Date:-2018-02-03 15:35:32:530
Information Regarding Submission of Annual Confidential Report along with Completion Certificate of C&V and Trained Graduate Teachers for the academic Year 2016-17, Dispatch No: 91251-651 , Date:-2018-02-03 12:01:30:952
Clarification regarding insert maximum age bar in PTA Grant-in-Aid Rules, 2006., Dispatch No: 90297-697 , Date:-2018-02-02 10:26:43:364
Transfer of funds on a/c of U-14 Zonal/District tournaments, Dispatch No: 90023-90162 , Date:-2018-01-24 17:04:42:531
Transfer of funds on account of under 14 zonal/ district level Tournaments for, Dispatch No: 12345-56 , Date:-2018-01-24 16:21:41:975
स्कूलों में बच्चों की सुरक्षा सुनिश्चित करने बारे |, Dispatch No: 88449-889 , Date:-11-01-2018
Regarding submissin of class wise/Catogarywise enrollmet, Dispatch No: 86057-384 , Date:-2018-01-05 12:31:43:818
Prospect fro the session 2018-2019 of the private school, Dispatch No: 2018-2019 , Date:-2018-01-01 14:23:45:298
Recognition / Renewal Recognition of the Private schools fro the Session 2018-2019, Dispatch No: 2017 , Date:-2018-01-01 14:20:51:890
Regarding Transfer the IRDP Scholarship & Middle Merit Scholarship amount for 6th to 8th classes for the year 2017-18 through NEFT/RTGS, Dispatch No: 84522-922 , Date:-2017-12-21 12:19:54:600
rEGARDING sTUDENT SECURITY IN SCHOOLS, Dispatch No: 80267-80288 , Date:-2017-12-20 11:34:21:794
Regarding Maintainance of village education Register(VER's), Dispatch No: 84023-84463 , Date:-2017-12-20 11:25:06:505
Regarding to Acheieveing planned and coordinated development of the teacjers education system troughout the country, Dispatch No: 80288-81034 , Date:-2017-12-20 11:18:04:381
Regarding Last date of verification for online D.El.ed course, Dispatch No: 81035-81781 , Date:-2017-12-20 11:14:34:569
Proforma For Requirement of Grant-in-Aid To SMC., Dispatch No: 101 , Date:-2017-12-20 11:23:52:347
Reagarding refund of fee deposited by untrained in service teachers for online D.El.Ed course, Dispatch No: 78936-79663 , Date:-2017-12-16 15:39:08:247
Extension of Date of Submission of School level Painting upto 15.01.2018, Dispatch No: 664 , Date:-12.12.2017
Information regarding Review Petition (C) No. 183 of 2016 (CWP No.8953/2013) titled as State of H.P. & others Vs Joga Singh & others ( Benefits of service rendered as Vidya Upassaks, Dispatch No: 79768-80169 , Date:-2017-12-16 12:54:54:456
Office Order, Dispatch No: 78281-84 , Date:-2017-12-15 11:07:13:588
State Level Science/Math &Environment Exhibition, Dispatch No: 141136-141556 , Date:-2017-12-14 13:21:55:849
Regarding Stuidy Centers for D.El.Ed Cource, Dispatch No: 72664-914 , Date:-2017-12-14 11:04:35:371
Information Regarding Civil Appeal No 8513 of 2012 (Arising out of SLP(C) No. 31592 of 2008 (Curbing of menace of Eve Teaching)., Dispatch No: 77411-78158 , Date:-2017-12-13 15:49:21:458
RTE Act, 2009, Dispatch No: 00414 , Date:-2017-12-11 13:42:49:718
Completion Certificate of ACR 2015-2016, Dispatch No: 77035-54 , Date:-08.12.2017
CWP No. 7385/2011 titled as Himalyan Environment Protection Society V/s State, Dispatch No: 73996-74743 , Date:-2017-12-05 16:36:22:168
Instruction regarding online D.El.Ed Course, Dispatch No: 75492-76139 , Date:-2017-12-05 16:32:19:606
Regarding 6 month Bridge Course for B.E.D. degree holder teaching classes 1-5 in Government / Govt. aided / Private schools, Dispatch No: 74744-75491 , Date:-2017-12-05 16:30:32:968
Regarding Verification by the principals(Online D.El.Ed), Dispatch No: 76140-76887 , Date:-2017-12-05 16:27:57:262
Information Regarding RTI act 2005, Dispatch No: 73464-886 , Date:-04.12.2017
Regarding 6 month Bridge course for B.Ed, Dispatch No: 73363-83 , Date:-2017-12-02 14:27:35:325
Direction of Honable Supreme court in writ pition (Civil) No. 75/2012, Dispatch No: 72915-935 , Date:-2017-12-01 10:17:55:322
Instructions regarding online D.El.Ed. course, Dispatch No: 0102 , Date:-2017-11-30 14:59:07:677
Regarding verification by the Principal, ( online D.El.Ed.), Dispatch No: 0101 , Date:-2017-11-30 14:56:25:734
Information of Employees (TGT) recruited after may 2003 under new pension scheme, Dispatch No: 72139-539 , Date:-2017-11-30 11:17:16:111
Esteblishment return in R/o of TGT's, Dispatch No: 71691-770 , Date:-2017-11-29 11:13:48:338
Submission of utilization certificate in respect of all the civil works allotted from the year 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 & 2016-17., Dispatch No: 71717-72137 , Date:-2017-11-29 16:46:07:934
लोक लेखा समिति का प्रारंभिक शिक्षा विभाग से सम्बन्धित 101 वीं कार्यवाही प्रतिवेदन., Dispatch No: 69133-553 , Date:-2017-11-25 12:03:15:959
Press Note regarding Middle Merit Scholarship Exam., Dispatch No: 69004-05 , Date:-2017-11-23 16:53:21:938
Information regarding latest infrastructure in r/o GPS/GMS., Dispatch No: 47726-48146 , Date:-2017-11-01 15:15:59:891
The proceeding of the Committee of Secretaries., Dispatch No: 48147-567 , Date:-2017-11-01 15:12:55:362
Double Payment made by the untrained in service teachers to online D.EI.Ed course, Dispatch No: 49390-50117 , Date:-2017-11-03 12:33:02:400
25% Reservation to weaker Section and Disadvantaged Groups in all the educational Institutions, Dispatch No: 50138-865 , Date:-2017-11-03 12:30:02:508
Regarding Morning Assembly, Dispatch No: 50866-51613 , Date:-2017-11-03 12:26:56:828
Identifications of 25% Schools in and around district headquaters to Start Pre- nursery classes, Dispatch No: 51614-52361 , Date:-2017-11-03 12:24:08:606
6month Bridge course for BEd degree holders in Govt. Schools/ Private Schools, Dispatch No: 48642-49390 , Date:-2017-11-03 12:21:23:935
Training of un trained teachers working in Govt. Schools/Private Schools, Dispatch No: 52362-53109 , Date:-2017-11-03 12:18:14:138
Regarding training of un-trained in-service teachers working in the various Government Primary Schools/ Private Schools in the State, Dispatch No: 015 , Date:-2017-11-02 17:00:22:556
Regarding training of un-trained-in-service teachers working in the various Government Primary Schools/ Private schools in the State., Dispatch No: 014 , Date:-2017-11-01 10:53:53:256
Instruction regarding online Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.), Dispatch No: 00002 , Date:-2017-10-30 13:15:07:092
Regarding offline registration for 6 month professional development programme for Elementary Teachers, Dispatch No: 00001 , Date:-2017-10-30 13:10:59:323
Regarding depositing of unspent funds like fees, red cross, sports, scouts & guides, amalgamated etc as well as amount lying in common pool building fund in the account of Deputy Director of Elementary Education Mandi H.P., Dispatch No: 47150-69 , Date:-2017-10-28 12:45:39:051
Regarding study material for D.El.Ed. course, Dispatch No: 004 , Date:-2017-10-26 12:37:21:062
Regarding Establishment return and vacancy position of C&V teachers as on 30.09.2017, Dispatch No: 003 , Date:-2017-10-26 12:34:56:817
Regarding double payment made by the untrained in-service teachers for online D.El.Ed. course, Dispatch No: 002 , Date:-2017-10-26 12:33:03:034
Regarding cancellation of registration for D.El.Ed.course and refund of fee erroneously deposited by the B.Ed. trained in-service teachers, Dispatch No: 001 , Date:-2017-10-26 11:28:33:287
Regarding Extension of timelines for applying through NSP-regarding., Dispatch No: 46579-46999 , Date:-2017-10-24 11:32:22:096
Regarding UIDIC Minutes, Dispatch No: 45371-46118 , Date:-2017-10-11 13:25:02:579
"New India Manthan" via video conferencing with the Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Dispatch No: 44635-45370 , Date:-2017-10-11 13:21:22:879
Regarding implementation of Safety and Security by various Govt and Private Schools, Dispatch No: 43147-43894 , Date:-2017-10-11 13:18:00:913
Regarding compliance of notification of NCTE dated 25.08.2010 stipulating minimum qualification for appointment of teachers run by central , state Government and private institution, Dispatch No: 43899-446 , Date:-2017-10-11 13:12:47:078
Observance of Vigilance Awarness week, 2017, Dispatch No: 42499-43146 , Date:-2017-10-11 13:08:22:234
Primary teachesr are deputed for the smooth conduct of Primary Level District Tournaments at GCPS/GSSS Panars (Sadar-I), Dispatch No: 42359-81 , Date:-2017-10-09 15:24:27:034
Regularization list of contract DM, Dispatch No: 40897-907 , Date:-2017-10-03 17:03:10:951
Regularization list of contract PETs, Dispatch No: 40862-96 , Date:-2017-10-03 16:59:02:487
SVEEP कार्यक्रम के अन्तर्गत पाठशालाओ में मतदाता जागरूकता पर नारा (Salogan) लिखवाने के बारे में |, Dispatch No: 41194-614 , Date:-2017-10-06 16:46:57:266
conduct of Under-l4 District Cultural and Athletics (Boys/Girls) Tournaments at GSSS Panarsa, Dispatch No: 41062-67 , Date:-2017-10-06 15:21:21:936
conduct of Under'l4 (Boys) State Tournaments (Major Games) at GSSS CHAUNTRA, Dispatch No: 41069-73 , Date:-2017-10-06 15:18:50:551
Regarding implementation of national disaster management guideline (School Safety Policy-2016), Dispatch No: 40954-95 , Date:-2017-10-04 11:51:39:617
Functioning Order of Opening of New GPS Kandi, Edu Block Karsog-II & GPS Ropra, Edu Block Drang-II, Dispatch No: 40998-41004 , Date:-2017-10-04 11:47:36:621
Functioning order of GMS Annah, Edu .Block Chachiot-I, Dispatch No: 40809-815 , Date:-2017-10-03 11:40:27:220
Functioning order of GMS Sara, Edu. Block Sadar-II, Dispatch No: 39555-59 , Date:-2017-09-26 11:49:21:500
Functioning order of GMS Bullang, Edu. Block Drang-II, Dispatch No: 39549-54 , Date:-2017-09-26 11:45:21:360
मतदान केन्द्र पर चतुर्थ श्रेणी कर्मचारियों की सेवाएँ उपलब्ध करवाने बारे |, Dispatch No: 39969-40389 , Date:-2017-09-27 11:38:09:266
Instructions for getting the school rooms/building declared unsafe and dismantled, Dispatch No: 39560-980 , Date:-2017-09-26 11:06:53:373
Regarding Morning Assembly, Dispatch No: 29.09.2017-4 , Date:-2017-09-29 14:42:32:779
Admission of only +5 year children in Primary Schools, Dispatch No: 29.09.2017-3 , Date:-2017-09-29 14:39:35:776
Regarding incidence of rape and murder of minor girl student of 10th standard at Kotkhai district Shimla, Dispatch No: 29.09.2017-2 , Date:-2017-09-29 14:37:05:455
3rd year anniversary celebration of Swachh Bharat Mission, Dispatch No: 29.09.2017-1 , Date:-2017-09-29 14:34:06:866
Regarding implementation of Safety and Security Measures by various Govt and Private Schools., Dispatch No: 29.09.2017 , Date:-2017-09-29 14:31:26:978
Regarding appoinment of C&V teachers on contract basis, Dispatch No: 39322-373 , Date:-2017-09-23 10:23:57:684
Regarding training of un-trained in-service teachers working in the various Government/Govt.Aided/ Private Schools, Dispatch No: 38907-39277 , Date:-2017-09-23 18:38:08:371
Functioning order of GMS Kandhi, Edu. Block Balh, Dispatch No: 38616-20 , Date:-2017-09-19 10:28:41:145
Functioning Order of GMS Tarej Edu. Block Karsog-I, Dispatch No: 37702 , Date:-2017-09-13 12:41:59:218
Regarding grant of pension to vidya Upasaks, Dispatch No: 37751-38153 , Date:-2017-09-13 17:10:05:567
Regarding training of un-trained in-service teachers working in the Private Schools in the district., Dispatch No: 0000 , Date:-2017-09-13 09:50:04:012
Regarding training of un-trained in-service teachers working in the various Private schools in the district, Dispatch No: 000 , Date:-2017-09-13 09:43:30:809
Proceedings of the meeting held under the Chairmanship of Sh. Rohan Chand Thakur, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Shimla in order to comply with the directions given by the Hon'ble High Court on 17.08.2017 in CWP No. 1516/2017 titled as Dr. Nitin Vyas Vs State of HP, Dispatch No: 36165-912 , Date:-2017-10-07 10:35:13:667
Functioning Order of GMS Nehra Edu. Block Karsog-I, Dispatch No: 37593-97 , Date:-2017-09-11 15:25:30:496
Regularization of C&V Teachers, Dispatch No: 36954-37354 , Date:-2017-09-08 12:04:12:883
Requirement of building status report for making the Upgraded Govt. Middle School Bullang., Dispatch No: 35787 , Date:-2017-09-07 10:37:14:433
Training Untrained In Service Teachers, Dispatch No: 34485-810 , Date:-2017-08-30 09:58:44:017
Free writing material, Dispatch No: 14244 , Date:-2017-09-05 12:15:43:107
Surprise Visit By BEEOs for the 3rd week of the September Month 2017, Dispatch No: 35226-35245 , Date:-2017-09-05 11:15:55:961
Transfer Orders, Dispatch No: 55379-92 , Date:-2017-09-05 11:03:00:225
Office Order, Dispatch No: 35091-92 , Date:-2017-09-04 16:28:44:949
Office Order, Dispatch No: 35093 , Date:-2017-09-04 16:22:21:216
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